Every last child has the right to survive, learn and be protected



No child should be excluded from the opportunity to survive and learn, yet millions of children globally are being left behind simply because of who they are and where they live.

Over the next three years, Save the Children will work to ensure that 15 million of the world's excluded children have access to life-saving healthcare and quality education – contributing towards progress on the 2030 global goals that prevents 600,000 child deaths and helps 50 million more children to learn.

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Breaking barriers so that all children with disabilities can learn

First published on Huffington Post.
Fred was born blind. Growing up in rural Malawi, there was no expectation that he would get an education, and the village school was not set up to meet his need...

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The Forgotten Children of Yemen: why investing in war-ridden countries is a must

Co-written with: Beatriz Ochoa, Advocacy Officer, Save the Children in Yemen...

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To invest in our future, we must invest in our children

Amina is 13 and lives with her mother and siblings in a rural community in Nepal. She is not in school since the curriculum is only taught to grade five. “I only got to study up to grade five...

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Children the world chooses to forget

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