Aucune Fille Oubliee

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Hasta el último niño y niña 

Conoce las actividades de la campaña y de nuestro trabajo en Nicaragua.
Learn more about the campaign activities and our work in Nicaragua.

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Addressing the issues of Non-Thai Education System in Thailand

61% of migrant children in Thailand are still not in school despite the existing Education for All (EFA) policy. Moreover, only 3% and 1%, respectively, are reported as enrolled in lower and upper...

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Futures on the Line: Yemen’s Children Missing an Education

This study analyses the impact of the armed conflict on education in Yemen. The conflict has resulted in the damage, occupation or closure of 1,600 schools, months of interrupted education for 1.8...

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Ending malnutrition for every last child in Zambia

40% of children under five years old in Zambia are stunted....

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Ending malnutrition for every last child in Vietnam

Poverty in Vietnam has declined steeply since 1993, but these improvements have not been even. Minority ethnic groups are being left behind: over half of these children aged 5 to 12 suffer from...

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Ending malnutrition for every last child in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone has made impressive progress in improving children’s nutrition since 2010. But nearly 30% of children are still stunted, especially in certain northern and eastern districts. Sierra...

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Ending malnutrition for every last child in Nigeria

Nigeria has the second-largest economy in Africa, yet its benefits have not been shared fairly. Over half of Nigeria’s poorest children are stunted, including 54% of all children in the country’s...

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Ending malnutrition for every last child in Nepal

Nepal’s progress in reducing malnutrition has not been inclusive and many disadvantaged groups lag behind....

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